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May 02, 2017



Sons, daughters and husbands in the U.S.and around the world are searching for last-minute gifts this week ahead of the annual ritual to honor motherhood. Every year since it became a national holiday a century ago, we will shower moms with cards, chocolates gifts and flowers on Sunday, May 14th.

But Mother's Day is not exclusive to the U.S. Many parts of the world have been celebrating within their own cultures for centuries. Their own rituals have evolved to celebrate motherhood.

How do these countries celebrate Mother's Day?

The UK celebrates with a holiday called Mothering Sunday that takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Families gather to attend mass at church. Japan initially aligned Haha no Hi with the birthday of Empress Koujun, whose tenure spanned most of the 20th century. Now, mother's day is observed on every second Sunday in May. In Thailand, the holiday is observed on August 12th to observe the birthday of the revered Queen. Ceremonies and parades celebrate the dual intentions of the holiday, with jasmine as the go-to gift.

Onsen believes in observing mother's day as well with a collection of beauty rituals. These "Love" Collections fully embody the spirit of the Onsen Hot Springs and the latest trend in creating an experience and a ritual revival for mother's everywhere.

"Onsen is all about how we return to our traditions of the Onsen Hot Springs Bath, while incorporating innovative skin care technology and high quality, natural ingredients," explains Onsen owner, Doron Santos.

So as we look for gifts to give mom, always think about how we can celebrate mom every day, in a global community that is respectful of women everywhere.

Cheers to mom!