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No to SPF Skincare products, YES to SUN, Vitamine D and Healthy Skin

November 13, 2018

No to SPF Skincare products, YES to SUN, Vitamine D and Healthy Skin

Creams and lotions containing SPF contain actives that are designed to remain on the surface, acting as mirrors to reflect and block sun rays. As a result, an oily protective layer blocks the pores and does not let the skin breathe and function at a normal, healthy state. It is therefore not recommended to use typical SPF actives in creams or lotions for they reduce a product’s efficacy and damage the skin rather than really helping.

By constantly using SPF products we are slowly reducing our skin capacity to handle rays of light and enjoy the goodness packed within them. Just take a quick look at nature around us. We are part of that nature as well. Trust your body. Trust creation. Exposure to the sun is not that harmful as we have been told.

At the same time, if you are going to be exposed to direct sun for long periods of times,  we recommend using any SPF product on top of our Daily Hydration or other onsen products. This way you ensure that your skin is being treated while it is being protected from the sun.


Some info about hydration

Dry skin and oily skin are both the reflection of insufficient moisture. A good moisturizer should be used regularly after cleansing and before the skin dries out. The ideal moisturizer is lightweight, not oily, lasts the whole day or night, and provides protection from environmental damage while preventing moisture loss. Balanced moisture levels are vital for healthy skin.

Onsen Daily Hydration is the perfect answer for balanced moisture levels. It is natural, rich with a light and gentle texture.

It's a very clean product , without any Sun Protection Filters, Parabens, fragrance or harsh chemicals. it uses certified organic ingredients and high end complex of peptides to bring back a balance level of moisture onto your skin and at the same time increase elasticity and promote collagen production.

And most important with the product, is that instead of just using sun protection filters call SPF in the product, the onsen secret daily hydration moisturizer kind of train your skin and give it the ability to handle sun and capture all its essential benefits for our skin and body called vitamin D.

It leaves the skin soft, glowing and supple for hours while letting it breathe. In addition, it contains actives that work overtime in the innermost skin layers to renew and firm the skin and fight harmful free radicals.

Warning !! This product is addictive..!