Uncover the Thousand-Year Healing Secrets of the Elderberry

Uncover the Thousand-Year Healing Secrets of the Elderberry

Commonly called Elderberry, the Sambucus family are flowering plants that have various species that grow in subtropical climates around the world. It has long been known that the unique elderberry fruit, rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and iron has medicinal properties that boost the body’s natural defense systems. 

In past centuries, Native Americans used the elderberry as a natural treatment for wounds and infections, and the use of the plant dates back all the way to ancient Egypt. In the past two decades, people are re-discovering the wonders of natural medicine and how, along with modern-western medicine, it can strengthen the immune system in natural ways.

To enjoy all the wonderful benefits of the elderberry, its active ingredients should be consumed in extract form, and here is how you can enjoy the benefits today.

Why Should You Avoid Eating Fresh Elderberry?

Before diving into the benefits of the elderberry extract, it’s important to know why the plant’s raw form might be harmful; the leaves, bark, and berries of the elderberry fruit contain toxins, such as small amounts of cyanide (3 mg of cyanide per 100 grams of fresh berries) that are pretty potent in high dosage. 

When the elderberry is cooked and the active ingredients are extracted from the berries, the toxins become non-existent. Consuming raw elderberry fruit can cause vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea, which is why it is important to consume a cooked and concentrated version of the unique berry.

Elderberry Benefits: Small Fruit, Big Benefits

The vitamins in the elderberry fruit create a powerful and natural immune booster that can help you fight colds and the flu. Elderberry extract in the form of a liquid, gummies, or capsules helps fight the cold and the flu and shorten the length of these diseases, as well as promote heart health.

Additional elderberry health benefits include fighting against infections, so those who suffer from aching joints, recurring urinary tract infections, and muscle pain will enjoy great relief in aches and pains. The powerful berry extract also contains antioxidants that repair cellular damage and help soothe sore throats and relieve breathing problems during colds and the flu.

The Elderberry Trifecta - Get All the Elderberry Benefits in these Potent Extracts

Quality elderberry extracts can provide you with all the benefits that the unique berries have to offer. By using three unique elderberry extract products or by using each one individually will make your winters healthier and the rest of the year much more enjoyable:

Lift Elderberry, Zinc & Vitamin C gummies

Elderberry gummies - combining elderberry extract with Vitamin C, and Zinc, the ‘Lift’ elderberry gummies by Onsen Secrets provide a powerful combination of a cold-fighting complex that everyone in your family can benefit from.

Onsen Secret boost 7 in 1 immune support

Elderberry Capsules - the ‘Boost - 7-1 Immune Support’ capsules rich vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, pure echinacea, and elderberry extracts help fight not only the cold and the flu but also alleviate allergy symptoms and fight infections that affect the entire body. Other benefits include encouraging favorable sleeping patterns, respiratory health, support Vitamin D deficiency, treat urinary-tract health, heart health, brain function, and alleviate joint and muscle pain all with one small capsule.

Elderberry syrup - rounding up the three elderberry extracts is the ‘Immune’ elderberry syrup with an immune support complex for the whole family. The elderberry syrup helps relieve airway infections along with fighting the cold and the flu, making it the perfect natural supplement for winter health. 

Nature has unveiled its secrets to us over the centuries, and every year, more and more people are discovering those hidden secrets and their benefits. With powerful antioxidants and high levels of vitamins and minerals, quality elderberry extracts will become your best friends for the winter and every other day of the year. 

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