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Timeless Pearl Limited Edition

The iridescent and ageless phenomenon

When an oyster is confronted by a foreign body it slowly envelops the intruder...layer by layer...with an assortment of powerful marine minerals. Over time, the continuous layering of protective nutrients results in an iridescent and ageless phenomenon - Mother of Pearl. Through careful testing and research, we discovered that the extracts of a pearl actively suspend the process of aging, bringing rich vitality when applied to the skin. By improving metabolism, supporting miniaturization and protecting against damaging environmental factors, this discovery of ancient knowledge delivers the protection you need to preserve lasting beauty. It is the sheer brilliance of this naturally occurring phenomenon that led us to develop our most inspiring line to date...The Timeless Pearl Collection.An ultra-powerful tri-peptide and micro-algae complex with a concentrated cocktail of minerals, carbohydrates, micronized silica and amino acid. Instantly tightens and tones the contours of the face to deliver the remarkable effects of a non-surgical facelift.
No Parabens - Fragrance - Animal Testing - Made in the USA
Wrinkle Release Depuffing Syringe  | 0.4 FL.OZ.
Infinity Capsules Serum Elixir | 60 capsules 

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