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Dealing with pimples is not the main problem. It's that stubborn dark spots that puts its claim in your face and stays there for a few months before it decides to leave. And if you're constantly expose to sun, even small amounts can make these dark spots even darker and takes longer to fade.

Better if you will use sunscreen everyday, SPF30 at least. Just plain sunscreen, physical or chemical sunscreen. If you have an acne-prone skin or if your skin reacts to everything you put into it, physical sunscreen is the best for you. It sits on top of your skin so it wouldn't irritate. If you have a deeper skintone, you probably need to opt for chemical sunscreens which deeply penetrates the skin and absorb the UVA and UVB.

After you find a decent sunscreen, it's time to put your attention to treating your acne, dark or sun spots. This may also help you if  you have Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation(PIH), the brown or black marks caused by melanin or maybe Post Inflammatory Erythema(PIE) or the red marks caused by dilated blood vessels.

Use Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) for your skin. The most popular are glycolic, lactid acid and mandelic acid. Glycolic acid has the smallets molecule so it would penetrate your skin faster but also consider the higher risk of irritation. Lactic acid sits between the two. Mandelic acid has the largest molecule making it the safest AHA for acne-prone skin. These AHA's works as an exfoliant making your skin soft and clear.

With any product you've decided to try, always make sure to wear your sunscreen daily so your spots don't get even darker since sun exposure aggravates hyperpigmentation.

After incorporating the use of AHA, you might wanna add vitamin C, alpha arbutin and other brightening serum/oils that is good for your skin type. Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and vitamin C are ingredients that will help smooth and brighten the skin. It is available in serum form, toner, cream and pads.

Vitamin C can do wonders in brightening skin and getting rid of pesky spots. Niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin(Hydroquinone), Azelaic acid, shea butter, apple cider vinegar, Alapene/other retinol and Licorice extracts can help in lightening dark spots too. They contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants but sometimes the acidity could be too harsh for sensitive skin types. You can include lemon but it can harm your skins natural barrier. Apple cider vinegar can do the same if not diluted.

But if you are looking for another natural way to treat dark spots, you may also want to consider using Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is commonly known for its healing properties and moisturizing effect. And there's a scientific evidence suggesting that applying aloe vera to your skin reduces the appearance of hyperpigmented areas.

It has skin-lightening properties and chemical mainly called aloin and aloesin. They help reduce dark spots by destroying existing melanin cells and preventing them to further form in the skin.

You can use aloe vera naturally as a plant or you can buy aloe vera as a gel in your local drugstore.

Serums also helps with a range of concerns from breakouts to acne scarring and premature aging to pigmentation. One of the considerably the best for your skin care is retinol. Especially in targeting acne and premature aging. It also helps to retexturize and strengthen the skin by helping in increasing collagen production while helping to improve tone, fade pigmentation and scarring, softens the skin and making it radiant.

When it comes to achieving a clearer skin, pay attention to what you put into your face- like the cleansers, moisturizers and make up. Pay attention also to things that you don't- like the unwanted bacteria from your fingers or dirty brushes and sponges.

Focusing also on certain lifestyle change and factors like quality sleep, a healthy diet and even managing stress can make a lot of difference.

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