How To Create Your Own Onsen Experience At Home

Japanese Hot Spring Bath


Have you recently been to Japan and almost fell of being homesick? Maybe you've gone home from Hokkaido and 'til now still hears the hum whispering you to go back. You even thought that the gradual feeling will just fade away but it doesn't.

Unconsciously, there will always be a part of you still desiring of going back to Japan. Its at most when you started to miss everything in Japan. Even things like your daily trip on a public transport or buying something from a convenience store.

This longing for Japan will always follow you. Undoubtingly because it is undeniably a great place to stay. Whilst in Japan, you probably might had gone to their one of a kind onsen baths.

Onsen is a local term for hot springs in Japan. And since Japan was a volcanically active country, thousands of these onsens are scattered through its major islands. Onsen by definition uses naturally hot waters from geothermally heated springs.

For a long time, Japanese people believed that soaking in these hot springs has an ample health benefits especially from minerals like iron, sulfur, bicrobonate and so on. Some of which are considerably rare and has their own therapeutic effect.

These Onsens was also believed that past samurai would come to take a bathe in the waters to heal their wounds. Some would stay at an onsen spring house for days or weeks that was a considerable therapy for a number of ailments.

Today, while Onsens was deemed purely for relaxation- there are still scientific claims and evidences that says otherwise. For Onsens are believed of having health benefits such as:

  • Increasing Blood Circulation
  • Reduce Stress and Better Sleep
  • Pain Relief
  • Treating Skin Problems

The presence of mineral elements like sodium bicarbonate and calcium that was absorbed in our body while having Onsen bath helps to increase blood flow and the amount of oxygen in the blood. This hot spring waters also relieves tense muscles while the natural serenity of rotenburo onsens helps to clear your mind.

After soaking, your body steadily adjusts and quickly cools which encourages your body to relax and put you to a deeper sleep. Something you might really need these days.

A recent study in the Journal of Rheumatology also concluded that onsen water acts as buoyancy for aching joints. The combination of temperature, minerals, mental state and ease of movement in the water helps to relieve any kinds of pain. Some of these hot springs also contains silica that alleviates and smoothens dry and rough skin. While Onsens with sulfur helps people suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Indulging in an Onsen as frequent as possible exposes you to a lot of health benefits. But what if you're far from one?

Say, you're in California and you wanted to try this traditional Japanese onsen. While you can opt to a few Japanese-inspired hot spring, you can also try onsen at your own home- with the same therapeutic benefits.

You'll only need a tub then you're good to go. Its as easy as that.

box of onsen secret japanese hot spring mineral bath


Onsen Secret Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath

Using this Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath, you can enjoy the same soothing effects of a real Japanese Onsen at home.

Or if you've already been gone to an onsen before, surely you'll find yourself reminiscing. So you see, this could be your calming weekend ritual to treat yourself by having a relaxing 15 minutes of genuine Japanese onsen bath.

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