Healing Waters of Japan

The Onsen Secret journey began over 2,000 years ago with an inspiring tale of an injured white heron flying to a hot spring in Dogo every day until its ailing leg was completely cured. The people observed this miraculous occurrence and started to immerse in hot springs like what the white heron did to heal. This led to the creation of the first hot spring baths in Japan.
The secret to why Japanese hot spring baths have miraculous healing properties lies in the rich mineral content that is absorbed by the spring waters located in proximity to magma below the volcanic plates that line up the region.
This extraordinary mix of minerals and trace elements give birth to the restorative powers of hot spring baths, which now count at 28,000 that continuously flow 2.6 million liters of water every minute in Japan.


A Remarkable Discovery

At the turn of the millennium, a young and adventurous traveler named Doron Santo was given a rare chance to live in Hamamatsu, a city located west of Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. He was given an exclusive opportunity to learn the language and fully absorb and practice the time-honored traditions, rituals and culture of the Japanese.

During his stay in Hamamatsu, Santo learned how the Japanese view the natural body as an extremely complex machine that can heal itself naturally. Upon experiencing his first Japanese Onsen hot spring bath experience, he discovered the power behind this holistic approach. After immersing in the mineral rich thermal waters, he felt the healing effects quickly and was in blissful awe as his body began to detach from stress, toxins and blockages, leading him to a state of total reset and rejuvenation.

May 2004

The Birth of Onsen Secret

After this remarkable discovery, Santo wanted to bring this healing experience back with him to share with all after he left Japan.  Santo formulated a way on how to experience a Japanese hot spring bath at home by obtaining essential minerals from a sacred hot spring in Japan and combining them with premium key botanical ingredients. The result is an amazing curative mixture that magically transformed normal hot bathing water at home into an instant healing hot spring 6,000 miles away from Japan.

From the significant creation of this restorative formula, Santo gave birth to Onsen Secret, with a mission to share the secrets of natural healing through the regenerative power of a Japanese hot spring bath transported within the confines of your home.

May 2005

Our first product ever

Driven by the passion for sharing the secrets of natural healing, an innate capacity embedded in every person, we have launched our first nail recovery products that have transformed millions of customer's nails in more than 35 countries worldwide. 

June 2006

Onsen Hot Spring Mineral Distillate™

After years of research, we have created a proprietary extraction technology that distills the essence of rare Japanese hot spring minerals. This unique process forms precious drops that are infused into a rich antioxidant elixir - The Onsen Hot Spring Mineral Distillate™. This essential infusion speeds up water infusion to skin cells, hydrating them, resulting in naturally radiant and youthful skin. It is found in each of our valued products which also possesses selected Japanese botanicals known for their superior anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

This powerful healing synergy born from unique extraction technology, infusion of Onsen Hot Spring Mineral Distillate™ and premium botanical ingredients achieve optimum results that contribute to total healing of body, regeneration of skin and nourishment of one’s soul.

March 2017

At Home Hot Spring Bath

It took us more then a decade to release the secret essence behind each and every Onsen product and turn it into a bath experience that lets you enjoy the healing benefits of our hot spring minerals in a harmonious mix that magically heals the aches of your body, clearing your mind from stress, and nourishing your soul as you feel profoundly better in just 15- minutes within the confines of your home.

Sep 2020

The Journey Continues

Onsen Secret aims to be accessible to everyone in the world, with a goal to naturally heal people from all walks of life with the use of one of its breakthrough restorative products, the Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath.

The vision of Onsen Secret is to have everyone experience a hot spring bath and enjoy the amazing benefits of natural healing that springs from within the comfort of their own home.

The journey to natural healing forges ahead as Onsen Secret continues the story that started in Japan over 2,000 years ago, inspired by the tale of a white heron healed, to Japanese men and women who continue to practice this sacred bathing tradition, to people in the world today in need of natural healing.