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Love onsen

Been using onsen products for awhile now and love it mild on skin and most importantly it works, plus shipping is fast and packaging is nice as well great job onsen team thank u 



No more unshapely nails!

It's not just about making pretty nails, it's about taking time out for you, no matter what else is pressing in your life. As I begin a different journey in my life, I am finally taking it serious with Onsen's products to get me feeling that I am worthy.

Simple, pleasant, relaxing.

Simple process. Pleasant smell. Relaxing system.

Profound Stuff

Most reviews are kind of baseline and just show the product is "likeable". This was more than that. I didn't know that this was the medicine i always needed. I have had severe insomnia my whole life, taking on average over 4 hours to fall asleep. I am a healthy individual otherwise, and sacrifice much of my time to allow a larger window to sleep. Pharmaceuticals like sleeping medication caused me to sleepwalk, and even drive many miles without being consciously aware of it. My wife bought this and I felt the need to buy more for us because it ACTUALLY does what it says. For me, a long hot soak in this stuff made me so tired that i -could not- stay awake another minute. I bathe and lie down on the bed and i am ready to sleep and it's easy to go to bed for the entire work week. My REM sleep has gone up and I've even noticed strange oddities like improved cardiovascular health (i train in weights, bodyweight, endurance running, archery and martial arts). I always respected the Earth as giving us all we need, but it's surprising that just some hot spring minerals are so capable of improving everything from sleep to mood to blood flow. Not too bad for the skin, either.

Aloe Face Wash

Nail products are simple to use. The lotions and cuticle serum have made a significant difference in my hands and feet. Bonus is they have a very pleasant and relaxing scent.

My mineral balm for men:

I really appreciate your customer service as a valued customer. Truly, a valued customer.

Love this product

The only thing I would change about this product is the way it is packaged, the pump is kind of hard to use due to the flexibility of the container. Would be better without the pump. Other than that, I love it.

Daily Hydration

Love the product

So soft and smooth, absorb directly to my skin

Ageless Body Bundle

Great product and results within weeks!

Very nice

Very nice. Love the color, soothing

As Close as I can get to a Japanese Onsen!

I am happy I found this hot spring mineral bath! It reminds me of my time spent visiting onsens all over Japan ~ luxurious & aromatic ~ it brings a piece of Japan to my bathwater in California. Love this product!

Great customer service

I ordered the body scrub and moisturizing cream and received my order quickly. The salt scrub leaked in transport. They replied very quickly to my email reporting the damage and a replacement was sent out quickly as well. I couldn’t be happier with their customer service and the product. After just a week my eczema has totally cleared up and I couldn’t be happier to purchase from a Onsen again.

Very happy with the products. They’re Great!!!


Love these nail files!

Eye serum, nail care

Loved all products. Have used nail care for years. Just trued eye care - love it. Seems to really help the bags under my eyes.

Buffer& refill

This is the very best nail care buffer block I’ve ever used.. no joke; it also really does nurture the nail and make them healthy.

Cuticle Conditioner Serum


I have used ONSEN products for years... There are no better products on the market!

Eye Repair Set

Fabulous products

Onsen are the most effective and professional products I have ever used. Way ahead of any competition. The nail buffer performs better than expected. Beautiful results.

Meditative bath

Love these mineral sachets!