Here’s The Secret To Relaxation You Can Copy At Home!

Japanese Women Are Famous For Their Impeccable Glowing Skin.

We’ve Uncovered Their Secrets...

Lately, Japanese skincare is all the rage. The internet is flooded with countless Japanese Beauty routines. And for good reason since Japanese women are well-known for their flawless and wrinkle-free skin.

But the truth is, Japanese skincare is not just a new fad. Instead, it has been centuries in the making. We’ve discovered records over a thousand years old that describe how women could improve their complexion by absorbing minerals through the skin in the bath. This not only improves circulation and oxygen flow but also provides many health benefits.

As it turns out, Japan is actually the birthplace of the beauty industry with its traditions predating anything we have in the west.

As a result of this long tradition, it’s no wonder that Japanese women have a worldwide reputation for effective beauty secrets.

But there’s more… Another piece of the puzzle in solving Japan’s beauty secrets is a longstanding tradition called Onsen.

Already well established as a purifying ritual in the 6th century - and at the time almost exclusively reserved for the enjoyment of emperors - Onsen are natural hot springs enriched by volcanic minerals.

Beloved in Japanese society for their deeply replenishing and rejuvenating effects,  their folklore is littered with stories of samurais bathing in these hot springs to heal their wounds. And to this day staying at an Onsen is considered an effective therapy for many ailments.

Many of these seemingly mythical claims would later be proven by scientific studies like how the minerals in the water help relieve skin problems & pain, improve skin quality and increase circulation...

Now if you’re like me, you’re dying to try these wonderful baths for yourself. But how’s that supposed to happen with Japan being halfway across the planet?!

No need to fret, in recent years a couple of companies like Onsen Secret have made it their mission to make the benefits of Onsen available for everyone.

Onsen Secret actually came about when Doron Santo, the founder, was given a rare chance to live in Hamamatsu, a city located west of Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. 

During his stay, Santo learned how the Japanese view the natural body as an extremely complex machine that can heal itself naturally and upon experiencing his first Onsen experience, he discovered the power behind this holistic approach. 

After immersing in the mineral-rich thermal waters, he felt the healing effects quickly and was in blissful awe as his body began to detach from stress, toxins and blockages, leading him to a state of total reset and rejuvenation.

Santo wanted to bring this healing experience back with him to share with all after he left Japan and formulated a way on how to obtain the essential minerals from a sacred hot spring in Japan and combine them with premium key botanical ingredients. 

The result was an amazing curative mixture that magically transformed normal hot bathing water into an instant healing hot spring that is 6,000 miles away in Japan.

From the significant creation of this restorative formula, Santo gave birth to Onsen Secret.

Today, Onsen Secret makes this powerful healing synergy available to anyone with their Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath. Born from unique extraction technology, it is truly a magical mixture of natural ingredients that are hard to find anywhere else. Rich minerals derived from a healing hot spring in Futamata, Japan are combined with a rare 20 million-year-old coral fossil from Kuromatsunai, Hokkaido and cedar wood powder from the Hiba tree in Aomori, Japan. Super tourmaline powder from Brazil completes the wonderful composition of this relaxing infusion.  

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