3 Pack Magic Nail Buffers

3 for the Price of 2! Nail Buffer is a mess free compact and complete nail care in a cube; small enough to fit in an evening bag, Onsen’s unique white surface provides quality clear coat on nails for up to 10 days.This product is not tested on animals.
  • Restore smoothness at the ends of your nails, using our gentle buffer.
  • Remove the Super Magic Nail Buffer from its protective wrap taking care to hold it on the ends only. Gently, in a side-to-side motion buff your nails with the Gray side for 5-10 seconds per nail. This will remove any ridges and rough spots from your nails. Do not over buff or apply excessive pressure as this can thin the nail and may cause damage. Repeat this step no more than once every four weeks. Turn the buffer and again in a side-to-side motion gently buff your nails with the Blue side for approximately 10 seconds per nail. Repeat with the White side of the buffer. The blue side of the buffer should be used no more than once every two weeks, and the white sides can be used as often as you want. Make sure to place the protective cover back on the buffer when finished. Now place one drop of Onsen Cuticle Conditioner on each nail and gently massage back and forth pushing the Onsen Cuticle Conditioner into the cuticle with your thumb.
  • Paper, cloth.

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