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Age-Reversing Collection

2 Full-Size and 2 Travel-size Items Included

No Parabens - Fragrance - Coloring Agents - Animal Testing - Made in the USA

  • Milk Lotion Cleanser 165ml / 5.6fl.Oz. For dry to normal skin types.

    This rich cleanser rapidly wipes away all contaminants. A greaseless, ultra-rich wash that softens and moisturizes yet is still thorough enough to remove all traces of makeup and other irritants. The Milk Lotion Cleanser contains unique active ingredients and can be used effectively as a mask.

    Daily Toner 165ml / 5.6fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    Balance is a must in all walks of life...and that includes your skin. Daily Toner is a non-drying, refreshing formula that eliminates excess oil and restores the skin's natural pH balance without irritation, bringing vitality and restorative harmony into your daily routine.

    Purifying Facial Peel - Progressive Exfoliation Rejuvenation Travel Size 45ml / 1.5fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    Unlike particle peeling which may break capillaries and leave permanent marks and scars, Purifying Facial Peel provides deep yet gentle exfoliation that activates and supports the natural biological renewal mechanism in the skin. It does not contain chemicals that force skin into an unnatural peeling process which creates a dependency on the product. A skin-safe formula to gradually exfoliate away dulling dead cells, uneven pigment, mottled texture and fine lines.

    Tenseless Cream - Age Suspension Contour Cream Travel Size 25ml / 0.8 fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    This cream locks all of the vital active ingredients into the skin while providing a long lasting, protective layer of moisture. For hours to come, Tenseless Cream continues to work on the subcutaneous muscle fibers to maintain the effects of the mask and the serum, allowing for an all out, full-service treatment of your skin.

  • Milk Lotion Cleanser Cleanse face morning and evening with warm water. For extra moisture infusion, leave the Milk Lotion Cleanser on the face for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Compatible with every Onsen treatment regimen. Toner After cleansing, use a small cotton ball to smooth toner over face and neck. For best result, use daily and follow with moisturizer. Purifying Facial Peel Remove makeup and clean face with Milk Lotion Cleanser or Aloe Gel Cleanser. Be sure your hands are dry then apply a thin layer of Daily Choice Peel on Clean and dry face and neck. Avoid eye and lip area, leave on for 10-15 seconds for activation. Gently massage off in circular motions. Rinse with warm water. Tenseless Cream Use once daily, preferably at night before going to sleep. Massage the cream gently on face and neck after rinsing the mask or after applying serum, Wait until fully absorbed.

  • • DHEA-like activity
    • Protects against environmental oxidative stresses (pollution, ozone, free radicals)
    • Energizes skin
    • Stimulates collagen synthesis
    • Regulates physiological balance
    • Increases cellular proliferation
    • Re-textures and redefines the skin