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Triommune Bundle

Complete Defense and Support Bundle

  • Onsen pure, all-natural elderberry gummies uphold ancient Asian healing philosophies that believe results should come from allowing the body to rejuvenate, heal, and renew itself continually.

  • Onsen Elderberry extract is a fructose-free, versatile liquid supplement known to calm inflammation, reduce stress, support heart health, and more. This preventative extract can help tame swollen sinuses and diminish nasal congestion for all-natural relief from seasonal cold and flu symptoms and the effects of everyday allergies.*

  • Onsen Boost 7-1 Immune Support Complex is a daily immunity booster made up of pure herbal ingredients that stop cold, flu, and allergy season in its tracks with our 7-1 immune support capsules.
    Suggested use
  • Anytime, day or night, take two gummies per day or as suggested by your health professional. Do not exceed more than eight gummies per day.
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Lift - For Kids And Adults

This fun and easy to take by the whole family. 

Our Gummies are all-natural and contain no fructose, artificial colors, GMOs, flavors, or preservatives. This immune-boosting supplement is gluten and allergen-free and safe for children. Non-Dairy, No Soy, Non-GMO, Really Friendly For Keto, Paleo, Bariatric Celiac, Vegan, Everyone!

Immune- When you need an extra punch

Elderberry Syrup is a centuries-old solution used to treat cold and flu symptoms. It aligns with ancient Asian holistic healing philosophies that believe only all-natural solutions should be used to support the body's ability to rejuvenate, heal, and renew itself continually.

  • We have distilled this pure essence into premium liquid drops that are easy to take and powerful and effective. You will feel the change instantly.

  • While it has no sugar or artificial flavor, it is still tasty and loved by many kids and adults. The pure flavor of the elderberry extra is simply wonderful. 

  • Boost - Revamp your defense mechanism naturally

    This all-natural formula contains a dynamic blend of vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, pure echinacea, and elderberry extracts, plus infection-fighting vitamin D and cordyceps. These ingredients impact your innate immunity, respiratory function, and white blood cells by quickly breaking down within the body for an immediate response to colds, flu, and allergies.* Onsen breathes new life into ancient Asian philosophies with modern methods.

    Our supplements help reinforce and enhance the body’s vitality and ability to rejuvenate itself through all-natural means. As a well-rounded wellness regimen, many of our ingredients have been used for thousands of years in long-practiced traditions of working with the body.  

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