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Japanese Nail Buffer

Bring Your Nails Back to Life 

Skip the salon! Do you want naturally beautiful, healthy long nails? Onsen’s Natural Shine Healing Nail Block is the quickest way to repair and restore damaged nails.

It smooths out ridges and splits, removes stains and provides a protective moisture barrier to help your nails heal and grow. It also improves blood circulation to the nail and leaves a beautiful, glossy shine that lasts up to 10 days!

It only takes a few minutes to use and the results are immediate! It is especially helpful after acrylic nails, but also works great to keep healthy nails strong.

    All Natural - Safe for sensitive skinMade in the USANo animal testing100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    • This compact, mess-free nail block is a portable mini-manicure tool that will keep your nails strong and looking great! In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy all these benefits and more! 

      Healing Benefits
      • Ultimate shine finish that lasts up to 10 days!
      • Repairs damage after acrylics
      • Smooths ridges and splits
      • Removes stains
      • Protects and moisturizes nail
      • Improves blood circulation to nails
      • Increases nail growth
      • Promotes longer, thicker nails
      • Natural and safe
      • Small, compact size is easily carried in bag or stored in drawer
      • Mess-free
      • Replaceable Pads for extended life
      • No harsh chemicals
      Helpful Tips
      • You will not need to use the block as often on your toenails. They naturally grow slower and are also less exposed to harmful substances.
      • You may gently clean the buffer strips with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol.  Keeping your buffer in its wrapper, or in a protective bag will keep it clean and extend the life of the pads.  
    • Why do our nails break?
      Water, air pollutants, soap, detergents, nail polish and harsh chemicals are common destructive elements our nails are exposed to on a daily basis. All these external elements break down the nail’s natural structure, causing it to become weak and susceptible to cracks, splits, breaking, stains and uneven ridges. It may even cause the nail to grow slower.

      The Onsen Healing Nail Block was designed as a quick and easy solution to give your nails the boost they need to stay strong and maintain their natural beauty. 
      Before you use the nail block, we recommend using a nail file to shape the tips of your nails.  It gives you a more complete look.  
      To use: Start at the outer edge of one nail.  Hold the file at a 45-90 degree angle against the nail edge and sweep the file towards the center of the nail.  Avoid rubbing the file back and forth.  This repeated action could cause your nail to split. Repeat this until your nail tip is the desired shape. 

      NAIL BLOCK - Three Simple Steps
      The healing nail block can be used to repair and restore your damaged nails, and to maintain healthy, shiny nails.  

      To use: With clean, dry hands, hold the block by its ends between your thumb and finger.  (Avoid touching the white pads if possible.  The oils in your skin can stain them and lessen the life of the pads.)  Use slight pressure to slide the surface of the pad along your nail for about 5-10 seconds.  Repeat for each nail. 
      • Step 1- Silver Side
        Smooths nail surface, evens out ridges and removes stains from nail.
      • Step 2 - Colored Side 
        The soft colored pad will give your nails a flawless polish and stimulate nail growth.
      • Step 3 - White Side 
        The soft white pad buffs the nail surface and adds a protective coating to give it a finished, glossy shine. 
      • Recommended Follow nail block use with Onsen's Cuticle Conditioner.  Our cuticle conditioner nourishes the skin around the nail and encourages healthy nail growth.  It also helps to prevent painful hang nails from forming.  
      Make your nail block last longer with easy maintenance!
      • Protect your nail block. Place the buffer back in its wrap, or in a protective bag, after each use to shield it from dirt and humidity.
      • Clean buffer strips with cotton pad and rubbing alcohol
      • Replace worn out pads on your Onsen nail block with easy to use, stick and peel replacement strips (sold separately). Simply peel off the old pads and replace them with a fresh set as needed.  

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