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Concerned about the way your nails look and feel? Tired of using unnatural chemicals? ONSEN presents a special, easy way to care for your nails, including our super magic nail buffer, nail file, a one of a kind cuticle conditioner and our own best time seller Hand & Body Lotion. ONSEN's Nail Care Collection was designed for professional nail care; smooth and perfect polish for natural healthy-looking, shiny nails. Get ready to be amazed.
  • The body lotion and cuticle conditioning cream are 100% natural and based on Onsen Hot Spring Minerals which ensures maximum, long-term results. The kit is a “must-have” kit to carry with you anywhere to keep your hands and feet looking beautiful.
  • Start your nail care process with the nail file to shape the tip of your nails and get the complete look. Start at the out edge of one nail, at a 45 to 90-degree angle against the edge, along the nail towards the center. Repeat this until your nail is in the desired shape.
    For the buffer follow these 3 easy steps for the ultimate nail care:
    Step 1 Use the silver coarse side of the cube every 4 weeks for about 5 seconds; this will smooth your natural nail surface, clean ridges, and stains off your nail.
    Step 2 Use the blue soft side of the cube every 2 weeks for about 5 seconds, for a flawless polish.
    Step 3 Use the white silky side of the cube every 2 weeks to buff to a perfect gloss manicure!
    The last step in achieving the perfect nail care manicure is by using the conditioner on the cuticle and surrounding skin, and massage for full absorption. Recommended treatment once a week.
    BODY LOTION: A little goes a long way but indulge your body after shower/bath or as necessary throughout the day.
  •  Japanese Nail Buffer + Cuticle Conditioner Serum + Japanese Nail File + Healing MInerals Body Lotion + FREE Complete set of replaceable pads for the buffer 

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