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SALE - ONSEN Body Practicals 5-Piece Bundle

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In few easy steps, this daily routine will completely transform the glow in your complexion.

No Parabens - Coloring Agents - Animal Testing - Made in the USA

  • White Pagoda Hand Cream Pagoda Flower Enzyme & Wasabi Extract 135ml / 4.5fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    For clarified, moisture-rich skin. Carefully crafted, using sacred Japanese medicinal secrets, White Pagoda Hand Cream is a truly joyful experience. Let this beautiful cream, protect your skin from oxidative stress caused by UV exposure while increasing collagen quality and moisture retention, giving your hands a forever-young, silky finish.

    Modern Foot Balm Soften + Soothe 150ml / 5.0fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    Onsen foot balm is designed especially for the treatment of feet and encourages natural exfoliation. It is extra-rich in moisture and helps alleviate foot aches while penetrating inward to soften hardened calluses, cracked heels and battered cuticles. Onsen Micro water complex in the base of the product contributes to its supreme absorbability in the skin.

    Crystal Clear Scrub 395ml / 13.8fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    Scrub your way to silky skin. Feel your skin reborn. Exfoliate dead, dry and aged skin while invigorating the body's natural blood circulation. The carefully selected salt crystals prepare your skin to receive the moisture it desires. Saturated with the finest conditioning oils such as Vitamin E and Jojoba. It will effortlessly restore glow to the dullest skin. Gentle enough to use on your entire body while still potent in your driest spots such as knees and elbows.

    Whipped Moisture Blast Body Butter 246ml / 8.6fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    Allow your beauty to shine with this nourishing body butter that moisturizes, repairs and protects, bringing out your supple nature. A complete moisture blast, this hydrating wonder will alleviate even the most problematic, dry areas of your skin, leaving you soft and smooth throughout the day.

    Natural & Organic Body Lotion 200ml / 6.8fl.Oz. For all skin types.

    Drench your skin in luxury. This Onsen Body Lotion revives your skin as soon as you wake up. Now you can refresh your skin before the day begins. With seven carefully selected minerals, this ultra-rich lotion infuses moisture, relieves dryness, and creates gorgeously soft and smooth skin. Enjoy the incredible feel of your body as you get your day started.

    Magic Shine Nail Buffer 

    Water and chemicals in air, soap, detergents, nail polish and remover leave stains and ridges on the nail. They cause the nail to be weak, to crack and break. Onsen Magic Shine Nail Buffer helps remove stains and smooth out the ridges. Onsen nail buffer cleans, buffs, and improves blood circulation to the nail bed for healthy, shiny nail growth, all in 3 fast, simple, non-damaging steps.

    Beautiful Cuticle Conditioner 200ml / 30ml / 1.0fl.Oz.For all skin types .

    Using the cuticle conditioner, you soften and massage the cuticle, pushing them back gently. The active ingredients are supported by the mineral-enriched Micro Water Complex, penetrating and nourishing the nail bed to promote the growth of beautiful, strong and healthy nails. Conditioned cuticles add to soft, healthy and good looking fingertips.

  • Hand Cream Apply liberally onto hands, wrists, and cuticles as often as needed. Foot Balm Rub into feet, cuticles, and nails at least once – preferably twice – a day (will not stain hosiery, footwear or bed linens). For best results use for 30 consecutive days. Apply on skin that is slightly damp. For extra skin sloughing moisture, apply a thick layer of the balm, cover the feet with plastic wrap, put heavy cotton socks on top of that and leave it all on overnight as you sleep. Crystal Clear Scrub After the shower, rub the glowing salt scrub in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Works wonder with Onsen Whipped Moisture Blast Body Butter. Body Lotion Use any time your skin feels dry or dull. A little goes a long way. Massage into the body after a bath/shower or as necessary. For amazing results use with Crystal Clear Body Scrub.

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