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Micro Water Complex ™

Micro Water ComplexTM is specially formulated water that penetrates the skin far better than conventional water. This is because Micro Water ComplexTM contains microscopic water clusters that easily absorb into skin. Once inside, the water starts a rejuvenation process that combats wrinkles and dry skin, making skin appear more radiant and beautiful than before.

Japanese Hot Springs

The key to the amazing effects of Micro Water ComplexTM can be traced to the water of Japanese volcanic hot springs, or onsen. Long known for its healing properties, this water contains tiny, antioxidant clusters that easily penetrate and heal the skin. We use a special water processing system to give our water the same properties it would have if it came straight from Japanese volcanic springs.

Great Results

After penetrating the skin, Micro Water ComplexTM delivers a myriad of minerals and nutrients that increase activity in skin cells. As a result, old skin begins to peel away and reveal new, smooth skin that is radiant and beautiful. Continued use of our products delivers a variety of great benefits including collagen optimization, moisture lock, cell stabilization, and more.

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