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Replacement Nail Buffer Pads

Nail Reboot Replacement Buffer Pads

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Keep your nails healthy and beautiful with Onsen Secret Japanese Nail Buffer Replacement Strips. Don't throw away your old nail buffer block, simply peel off the worn-out strips and replace them with our Peel-&-Stick nail buffer replacements. Don't throw away your old nail buffer block, give it a new life with our replacement strips.

Our Peel-&-Stick replacement strips come in a set of four, including one gray, one green, and two white strips. With our easy three-step process, you can file, smooth, and shine your nails to a dazzlingly beautiful finish.

Keep the same three easy steps after you peel and stick your new replacement nail buffers. File. Smooth. Shine. It’s that simple! These three easy, fast, non-damaging steps are guaranteed to leave your nails dazzlingly beautiful once again.

- Helps keep your nails healthy and pristine
Easy to use Peel-&-Stick replacement strips
- Set includes four strips - one gray, one green, and two white
- Can be used to give new life to old nail buffer blocks
- Three-step process of file, smooth, and shine is easy, fast, and non-damaging
- Leaves nails dazzlingly beautiful
- Protects nails from damage caused by water, chemicals, soap, detergents, and nail polish
- Convenient for use on-the-go

Key Ingredients

One set contains 4 strips

How to use

Simply peel off the worn outstrips and replace them with these Peel & Stick replacements. One set contains 4 strips (1 gray, 1 blue, and 2 white).
Follow the instruction on how to use the Nail Buffer. Use as necessary and on the go.

Step 1 - Smooth Clean (silverside)
Smooth the natural nail surface, cleans the ridges, and removes stains from the nail.
Step 2 - Stimulate Growth (blue side)
Clean and polish nail surface. Increase blood circulation to the nail bed for healthy nail growth.
Step 3 - Polish & Protect (white side)
Buff the nail surface to a beautiful, glossy finish

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    Nail Reboot Replacement Buffer Pads Customer Reviews

    • I love my Nail Reboot Buffer, and these replacement strips make it even better! It's so easy to just peel off the worn-out strips and replace them with the new ones. The three-step process of file, smooth, and shine always leaves my nails looking dazzlingly beautiful, and I appreciate that it's non-damaging!

      Mary O.
    • These Nail Buffer Replacement Strips are a game changer! I was so tired of constantly having to replace my entire nail buffer block, but with these strips, I can just replace the worn-out parts. The three-step process is so easy and quick, and my nails are left looking so shiny and beautiful. Plus, they're convenient to use on-the-go.

      Bella W.
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    Japanese Healing Traditions
    Awakens Self Healing
    It's safe
    It's One Of A Kind

    What Makes Our Nail Reboot Replacement Buffer Pads So Special

    • Peel-&-Stick Replacement Strips

      Easy to replace the worn-out strips without having to replace the entire nail buffer block which makes it convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly

    • 3-Step Process

      File, Smooth, Shine Convenient for those who want to maintain healthy and attractive nails without damaging them in the process

    • Multiple Strips Included

      Ensures that you always have a replacement strip ready, even when you're on-the-go

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 595 reviews
    Raven Harris
    Nail buffer

    Great product.


    My cuticles are in terrible shape, as are my finger nails...ridged, splitting, peeling. I received the cuticle treatment today, used it twice, and the improvement is astounding. I will definitely be including this in my (minimalist) daily regimen...and will buy more, for sure, when needed. I really can't believe the transformation in less than 24 hours...hope it helps srengthen my finger nails, as well.

    nicole fay seniornicole fay senior
    5 ⭐️ hands down Best buffer for nails

    I have purchased dozens of brands Seacret WAS my favorite for 30 years UNTIL NOW this is MADE way with longer lasting Material than Seacrets and almost 50% cheaper. I found my new favorite Buffer system and the cuticle cream is better than Seacret Brands Cuticle OIL. Try it Out ! You will not be disappointed Trust Me ! Oh and the delivery only took 2 days with Amazon unlike Seacret that takes about 2 weeks !!!!

    My wrecked nails are coming back to life

    I had a serious problem with my fingernails. Age, illness, meds and who knows what else. Suffice it to say my nails were weak and peeling. This is further exacerbated by the fact that I play classical and flamenco guitar which require a certain strength and length of nail. I used artificial nails and wraps so that I could produce a decent sound with my naturally crappy nails. I had made some progress with various nail treatments, but the Onsen Nail Reboot Buffer has made a HUGE difference. I don’t fully understand the mechanics behind this simple procedure, but I am now able to use my natural nail to play guitar. My nails have definitely become stronger and no longer peeling after just about a month this regimen. I am eager to see if they will continue to improve over time. Even if they stabilize at this point, it is 100% than having to use external materials.

    Your questions, answered.

    Are the replacement strips reusable?

    No, the replacement strips are not reusable. Once they become worn-out or less effective, you should peel them off and replace them with new ones. However, with the set of four strips included, you'll have plenty of replacements to keep your nails looking their best for a long time.

    Can I use these replacement strips on other nail buffers?

    These replacement strips are designed specifically for the Onsen Secret Japanese Nail Buffer, so we cannot guarantee their compatibility with other nail buffers. It's recommended to use them only with the Onsen Secret Nail Buffer for best results.

    How often do I need to replace the nail buffer strips?

    It depends on how often you use your nail buffer and the condition of your nails. As a general rule, it's recommended to replace the strips every few months or when you notice that they're becoming worn-out or less effective.