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Who we are?

Onsen Secret is founded by Doron Santo after exploring Japan and witnessing the healing powers of onsens. Based in Los Angeles, the company offers a spectrum of Japanese skin and nail care products infused with hot spring minerals of Japan’s finest onsens to support our body’s inborn power to self-heal.



What is an Onsen Secret Changemaker?

Onsen Secret Ambassadors are driven by a desire to own and understand their skin and wellness, as well as to empower others to do the same.

They are awarded with products, shop gift cards, and cash for completing each challenge by joining the journey with us. If this sounds like you, we welcome you to the community where self-care is inspired and shared.

Mission starts by following us on Instagram and Facebook, tagging us on a post about how you love our products and how they brought changes in your lifestyle. Easy peasy.


Who can join?

Anyone can be a Changemaker:

• Any age

• US and Canada residents

• With at least 5,000 followers

• Any size, shape, color, or weight

Just make sure you complete at least one mission a month to stay active in the community.


What are the perks of membership?

In exchange for completing missions, you will get your Onsen Secret wishlists for free and other rewards such as shop gift cards you can use or share with a loved one, commission, and cash.

What more? You'll also be supporting your followers by educating them about holistic beauty that starts with self-care and how they can take back control of their wellness with potent, easy-to-use products.


Onsen Secret PR Packages

Facial Glow Starter Kit

Our Facial Glow Starter Kit is your must-have for a healthy facial skin complexion. Start with our Aloe Face Wash at night to clarify your skin, add a layer of our Self Liquifying Peel-off Mask twice a week for cell renewal, and treat your skin twice a day with our best-selling skin-friendly Daily Hydration Moisturizer.

Japanese Nail Care Kit

You can create a beauty ritual you can feel good about and couldn’t possibly live without

Where harsh chemicals and polishes fail your nails, nature provides. What’s the Onsen secret? Activate the inborn power of your nails to heal.

It only takes a few minutes to use and the results are immediate! It is especially helpful after acrylic nails but also works great to keep healthy nails strong.  

Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath

Enjoy the traditional Japanese Hot Spring Experience at Home for a 15-minute detox for body, skin, and soul

With our Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath, you can benefit from the minerals of the Onsen baths at home! A bath infusion experience that brings all the benefits of a distant miles away. 

A once a week ritual to reset your own biological clock and provide a restful path for complete energy restore.

How can I join?

Become an Onsen Secret in three easy steps. Just click the button below and follow the instructions, and voila! Confirm the email you receive.

Thanks for using your voice to the benefit of others.


Onsen Secret Wall of Fame

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