Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath - ONSEN  SECRET
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath - ONSEN  SECRET
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath - ONSEN  SECRET
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath - ONSEN  SECRET
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath - ONSEN  SECRET
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath - ONSEN  SECRET
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath
Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath

Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath

Enjoy the traditional Japanese Hot Spring Experience at Home for a 15-minute detox for body, skin, and soul

Until now you had to travel halfway across the world to enjoy a nourishing bath in one of the hot springs of Japan (called “Onsen”)... Get the Futamata medicinal hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan into the privacy of your own sacred space.

With our Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath, you can benefit from the minerals of the Onsen baths at home! A bath infusion experience that brings all the benefits of a distant miles away. 

A once a week ritual to reset your own biological clock and provide a restful path for complete energy restore.

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Healing Water of Japan

The Onsen Secret journey began over 2,000 years ago, with an inspiring tale of an injured white heron flying to a hot spring in Dogo every day until its ailing leg was completely cured. The people observed this miraculous occurrence and started to immerse in hot springs like what the white heron did to heal. This led to the creation of the first hot spring baths in Japan.

The secret to why Japanese hot spring baths have amazing properties lies in the rich mineral content that is absorbed by the spring waters located in proximity to magma below the volcanic plates that line up the region.


The Wonder Four

Our Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath is a magical mixture, thanks to the top four natural ingredients that it is composed of.

  • Rich minerals derived from a hot spring in Futamata, Japan are combined with a rare 20 million-year-old coral fossil from Kuromatsunai, Hokkaido and cedar wood powder from the Hiba tree in Aomori, Japan.

  • Super tourmaline powder from Brazil completes the wonderful composition of this miracle essence. We call these prized ingredients "The Wonder Four", a harmonious mix that eliminates the aches of your body, clearing your mind from stress, and nourishing your soul as you feel profoundly better in just 15- minutes within the confines of your home.

When and How

Fill a bathtub with enough warm water to cover the entire body and add one sachet of Onsen Secret Hot spring Mineral bath.

Squeeze the sachet gently to release the minerals and then discard. For best results, water should be as warm as possible.

Soak for 10-15 minutes. Longer soaking is simply just for extra fun. You may notice the effect of the bath to last for up to 3 hours.

Take precautions to avoid overheating the water and enter/exit the tub carefully. Do not soak light-colored towels in the bath. clean tub directly after use to avoid staining.

For first-timers: Make time to explore this authentic experience. it will be great to use it for about 1 hour before you plan to go to sleep. Get ready for a wonderfully restful sleep.


The secret to natural healing inside and out starts with a therapeutic hot spring bath. And the journey continues as you immerse yourself in our recommended Onsen Secret Reset and Restore Ritual, best enjoyed before you start your day and relax at night.

  • Relaxation for insomniacs
  • Stress relief for travelers
  • Exemplary Antioxidant Action
  • Relief from Menstrual Cramps
  • Skin Hydration
  • Detox & Replenish
  • Muscles Relaxation
  • Antibacterial Action

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Melinda Wallace
Love the Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath!

I’ve incorporated the Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath into my self care routine. I highly recommend!

Wonderful experience

This upped my bath routine and I’m so glad I tried it! The only thing that I can say negative is that I need to wash down my bathtub after I’ve done my relaxing due to the clay. Besides that, try it! You won’t regret it.

So relaxing!

Outstanding quality and fast shipping, I really enjoyed the experience!

The real deal

Really good quality minerals for the bath. Unique smelling - quite Japanese. Skin feels amazing the next day, really helped me relax too. Highly recommend it. Hopefully Amazon will get some in again soon.

Just like a real onsen!

I’ve been to Japan and this brings me back! It’s a nostalgic scent that remind me off the onsens throughout Japan. Very authentic! Love this product!