Nail Fungus Exposed: The Silent Epidemic Unveiled

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In our guide, we provide insights into the nail fungus epidemic wherein over 10% of the global population is affected. Unveil the truth behind its contagious nature, its prevalence in men, and the high recurrence rate even after successful treatment. Discover effective preventive measures, including proper hygiene and the use of the first-ever oil that treats and prevents nail fungus: the Nail Reboot Oil. Take control of your nail health and bid farewell to the arduous battle against nail fungus, stepping into a future with healthier, more confident nails.

What Is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection that affects the nails, both on the fingers and toes. It is characterized by the invasion of fungus into the nail bed. It is often characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. Thickened nails
  2. Brittle and crumbly texture
  3. Discoloration, often turning yellow or brown
  4. Distorted nail shape
  5. Foul odor
  6. Pain or discomfort, especially if left untreated

Nail Fungus in Numbers

  •  Nail fungus is a common condition, and its prevalence increases with age. Some estimates suggest that over 10% of the global population is affected by nail fungus, and this number rises to about 20% in people over the age of 60.
  • It affects men more frequently than women, with a male-to-female ratio of approximately 2:1.
  • The most common fungi causing nail infections are dermatophytes, but other fungi like yeasts and non-dermatophyte molds can also be responsible.
  • Toenail fungus is more prevalent than fingernail fungus. It's estimated that toenail fungus accounts for around 90% of all cases
  • The recurrence rate of nail fungus after successful treatment is relatively high. Some studies suggest that up to 50% of individuals experience a recurrence of the infection within a year.

What Are The Underlying Causes of Nail Fungus?

Have you ever pondered why this persistent foe  seems to appear suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere? Understanding the triggers  can be essential for better protection. Several common factors contribute to its onset:

  1. Contagious Nature: Nail fungus is highly contagious and can effortlessly be acquired through direct contact with infected surfaces. 
  2. Age and Gender: The prevalence tends to increase with age. Gender can also play a role, with some studies suggesting that men are more likely to be affected than women.
  3. Weakened Immune System: Individuals with compromised immune systems, whether due to medical conditions or medications, are at a higher risk.
  4. Poor  Hygiene: Neglecting proper hygiene can create an ideal environment for nail fungus. It's essential to maintain clean and dry hands and feet, especially in the spaces between your toes, as dampness provides an ideal breeding ground for fungi.
  5. Inappropriate Footwear: Shoes that don't allow your feet to breathe or are too tight can lead to increased moisture and warmth around your toes, creating favorable conditions for fungal growth.
  6. Nail Damage: Nails that are damaged or weakened are more susceptible to fungal infections. Even minor injuries or cracks can serve as entry points for fungi.
Toenails showing severe nail fungus symptoms.

How Does Nail Fungus Spread?

Nail fungus is highly contagious and can easily be contracted through direct contact with infected surfaces. Here are some common ways it can spread:

  1. Direct Contact: Sharing nail clippers, files, or being in close contact with individuals infected with nail fungus can facilitate its transmission.
  2. Contaminated Surfaces: Walking barefoot in public areas such as swimming pools and communal showers exposes individuals to the fungus, as the damp and warm environment creates an ideal breeding ground for the infection.

"The battle against nail fungus is an arduous journey, often taking months or even years to conquer. It’s time to take control and reclaim your nail health."

How To Prevent Nail Fungus?

  1. Practice Good Hygiene: Proper nail care and hygiene can go a long way in preventing fungal infections. Trim your nails regularly and keep them clean and dry. Avoid walking barefoot in public areas and always use clean, disinfected tools for nail care.

  2.  Choose the Right Footwear: Wear breathable shoes and moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Fungus thrives in damp environments, so preventing excessive moisture is crucial.
  3. Avoid Sharing Tools: Sharing nail clippers, files, or other nail care tools can spread the infection. It's essential to have your own set of tools and regularly disinfect them.

  4. Use Anti-Fungal Solutions: Incorporate a powerful anti-fungal solution in your nailcare routine that not only targets existing nail fungus but also acts as a shield against future infections.
Using a dropper to dispense Nail Reboot Oil onto the affected nail.

The First Ever Oil That Treats and Prevents Nail Fungus

"It's the first-ever treatment in the world for cuticles and nails that will also provide ongoing defense for fungus and inflammation and wound healing through daily regular use."

The saying goes: prevention is better than cure. And this holds true for nail fungus. Safeguarding your nails from this persistent threat requires a proactive approach, and Nail Reboot Oil is your most powerful ally in this ongoing battle.


Our customers swear by its effectiveness in creating an inhospitable environment for fungus to thrive. With just one to two daily applications, you can nourish your nails and cuticles, promoting growth, strength, and a healthy appearance in as little as 1 minute a day.


What sets Nail Reboot Oil apart is its formidable anti-fungal properties. It not only targets existing nail fungus but also acts as a protective shield, preventing future infections. By incorporating this into your daily nail care routine, you take a proactive step toward maintaining optimal nail health and shielding yourself from the perils of nail fungus.

Nail Reboot Oil isn't just any ordinary nail care product; it's a potent serum that takes your nail and cuticle care to the next level. This oil is designed to strengthen and beautify your nails and cuticles, providing essential hydration and nourishment while supporting self-healing. With a non-oily, velvet-rich texture, it works for hours, ensuring that your nails and cuticles stay healthy and protected.

But what makes it truly special is its ability to ward off nail fungus. Tea tree, rice bran, Tsubaki, and castor oil join forces to provide advanced protection and defense, keeping your nails clear and promoting rapid nail repair. It's your shield against fungal infections and a promise of stronger nails, faster growth, and impeccable nail health.

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