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Japanese Hot Spring Bath Treatments

Body Reboot Kit

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Experience the ancient healing power of Japanese hot springs in the comfort of your own home with Onsen Secret Hot Spring Mineral Bath. Our unique blend of rare minerals from a medicinal hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan, combined with 20 million-year-old coral fossil and cedar wood powder, provides a therapeutic hot spring bath experience that promotes relaxation, stress relief, antioxidant action, relief from menstrual cramps, skin hydration, detox and replenishment, and muscles relaxation. The time-released healing minerals activate your body's inner healing for up to 3 hours after each 15-minute soak.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

- Activates your body's inner healing with time-released ancient minerals from Japanese hot springs
Provides relaxation and stress relief for insomniacs and travelers
- Offers exemplary antioxidant action for healthier skin
- Relieves menstrual cramps and promotes skin hydration
- Detoxifies and replenishes your body, promoting overall health
- Promotes muscles relaxation and offers antibacterial action
- Eliminates chlorine from your bathwater, providing a complete energy restoration on a cellular level
- Made in Japan with high-quality ingredients, offering a unique experience in your own home.

Key Ingredients

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Japanese Hand Cream ($36.00)
3 x Onsen Treatments ($69.95)

How to use

Fill a bathtub with enough warm water to cover the entire body and add one sachet of Onsen Secret Hot Spring Mineral bath.

Squeeze the sachet gently to release the minerals and then discard them. For best results, water should be as warm as possible.

Soak for 10-15 minutes. More extended soaking is just for extra fun. You may notice the bath's effect lasts up to 3 hours.

Take precautions to avoid overheating the water and carefully enter/exit the tub. Do not soak light-colored towels in the bath. Clean the tub directly after use to avoid staining.

For first-timers: Make time to explore this authentic experience. It will be great to use it for about 1 hour before you plan to go to sleep. Get ready for a wonderfully restful sleep.

Full Ingredients list
    Body Reboot Kit
    Body Reboot Kit
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    Body Reboot Kit
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    Body Reboot Kit Customer Reviews

    • As an athlete, I always struggled with muscle soreness and fatigue after long training sessions. But ever since I started using this, I've noticed a significant improvement in my recovery time. The minerals in the bath soak penetrate deep into my muscles, soothing soreness and promoting relaxation. I especially love the antibacterial action of the minerals, which keeps me feeling fresh and clean even after a long day on the field. And the best part is that I can enjoy a luxurious hot spring experience right in my own home!

      Adam T.
    • I've always been a fan of hot springs and the healing properties they offer. But since I can't always make it to a natural hot spring, I was thrilled to discover Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath. This product is a game-changer for anyone who loves hot springs but can't make the trip. The minerals in the bath soak are just as effective as those found in natural hot springs, providing relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation!

      Julius E.
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    Japanese Healing Traditions
    Awakens Self Healing
    It's safe
    It's One Of A Kind

    What Makes Our Body Reboot Kit So Special

    • A Unique Blend of Rare Hot Spring Minerals

      From a medicinal hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan, combined with a 20 million-year-old coral fossil and cedar wood powder, the combination of ingredients provides a therapeutic experience, providing a complete energy restoration on a cellular level

    • Time-Released Healing Minerals

      Activate your body's inner healing and continue to provide therapeutic benefits for up to 3 hours after each soak

    • Easy to Use & Carry

      A convenient, hassle-free way to experience the healing properties of a hot spring while on the go

    Customer Reviews

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    Your questions, answered.

    Q: What nail conditions can the Onsen Nail Reboot Challenge kit help with?

    A:The Nail Reboot Challenge kit isideal for anyone who wants to achieve healthy, strong nails. Whether you have damaged nails from years of acrylics or gel manicures, or you just want to give your nails some extra TLC, this kit can help. It's perfect for anyone who has weak, brittle, or peeling nails, or who wants to improve their nail health overall. Additionally, if you have tried various nail treatments without success, the Nail Reboot Challenge can be a great option to finally achieve the healthy, beautiful nails you've been dreaming of.

    Q: Is the product safe to use and free from harmful chemicals, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

    A: Absolutely!We prioritize your safety and well-being. Our Nail Reboot Challenge kit is formulated with premium natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, completely free from harmful chemicals.

    It is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, providing you with peace of mind while taking care of your nails and cuticles.

    Q: I'm really concerned about how my nails will look after removing acrylics. Will this kit actually help?

    A: Absolutely!

    Our Nail Reboot Challenge Kit is tailored to help you recover from the effects of acrylic nails. We want you to feel good about your natural nails, so our kit provides a comprehensive solution that effectively restores their beauty.

    You'll notice a significant improvement in the appearance and health of your nails after just one use, and even more if you complete the 60-day challenge. Trust us, your nails will look stunning and healthy in no time!

    Q: Can the Nail Reboot Challenge Kit help nurses and health practitioners who are not allowed to use nail polish, acrylic, or gel?

    A: Absolutely! The Nail Reboot Challenge Kit is specially designed to support the healthcare sector by addressing the challenges faced by nurses and health practitioners.

    It helps combat dryness caused by constant hand washing and sanitizers, allowing you to revive and restore the natural beauty of your nails without the need for nail polish, acrylic, or gel.

    Q: What's the hype about this cuticle serum? What makes it so special?

    A: Our cuticle serum is a true pioneer in the market. Invented back in 2005, it revolutionized cuticle care.

    With its deep-penetrating formula, it nourishes your cuticles and activates their self-healing power using the renowned Onsen method. It's a one-stop solution, combining the benefits of oil, cream, and butter.

    The best part? It's lightweight, non-sticky, and incredibly long-lasting. Take it with you on the go and keep your cuticles nourished wherever you are.

    Q: Why is the Nail Reboot Buffer priced higher than other buffers?

    A: Not all buffers are created equal. Our Nail Reboot Buffer is a result of extensive research and development to offer you a nail care experience like no other. We've carefully crafted it to avoid damage and ensure the best filling and buffing effects. Its higher price reflects the use of premium materials and a proprietary application of a delicate "diamond dust" grit, making it truly exceptional. Trust us, the results speak for themselves.

    Q: How do I use the Nail Reboot Challenge Kit?

    A: We've made using the Nail Reboot Challenge Kit simple and effective. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

    1. Nail Reboot File: Begin by using the Nail Reboot File to shape your nails according to your desired style. Start at the edge of the nail and file in one direction, avoiding sawing motions that can cause damage.
    2. Nail Reboot Buffer: After shaping your nails, gently buff the surface of your nails using the Nail Reboot Buffer. This helps to remove ridges, smooth the nail plate, and enhance product absorption.
    3. Nail Reboot Oil: Apply a small amount of the Nail Reboot Oil to your nails and cuticles. Massage it in using gentle circular motions. The unique blend of oils deeply nourishes and moisturizes the nails and surrounding skin, promoting strength and vitality.
    4. Cuticle Serum: Use the Cuticle Serum to target and rejuvenate your cuticles. Apply a thin layer along the base of each nail and gently massage it in. This helps to soften and hydrate the cuticles, promoting healthy nail growth.
    5. Replaceable Buffing Pads: Over time, the buffing pads may wear out. Replace them with new ones from the Replaceable Buffing Pads Pack to maintain optimal performance and achieve the best results.

    Remember to follow the instructions provided in the Nail Reboot Challenge Kit and allow time for the products to work their magic. Consistency is key, so make it a part of your regular nail care routine. You'll soon notice the remarkable transformation of your nails.

    Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

    A: Absolutely! At Onsen Secret, we want you to experience the amazing results firsthand. That's why we offer an incredible 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're confident that you'll love our Nail Reboot Challenge Kit, but if, for any reason, you're not completely thrilled with your purchase, don't worry! Simply reach out to our friendly customer support within 60 days of your purchase, and we'll be more than happy to assist you with a hassle-free refund or exchange. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want you to feel confident and assured when trying out our product. So go ahead and take the plunge – try it risk-free, and get ready to show off your rejuvenated nails!