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Transform your nails in 60 days with our Nail Reboot Kit. Give your nails health, growth, strength, shine, and beauty – naturally.

It's simple - just purchase a nail reboot kit and follow the program for 60 days.


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4 products

4 products

Dare to take the challenge – your nails will thank you!

Say goodbye to dryness, splits, and artificial damage, and hello to strong, clear, and naturally beautiful nails that shine from within.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the Nail Reboot Challenge?

Anyone can participate in the Nail Reboot Challenge! Whether you're looking to improve the strength and health of your nails or simply want to enhance their appearance, this challenge is for you. This is open to everyone!

What nail conditions can the Onsen Nail Reboot Challenge kit help with?

The Nail Reboot Challenge kit is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve healthy, strong nails. Whether you have damaged nails from years of acrylics or gel manicures, or you just want to give your nails some extra TLC, this kit can help. It's perfect for anyone who has weak, brittle, or peeling nails, or who wants to improve their nail health overall. Additionally, if you have tried various nail treatments without success, the Nail Reboot Challenge can be a great option to finally achieve the healthy, beautiful nails you've been dreaming of.

What happens if I don't see results after 60 days of using the Nail Reboot products?

The Nail Reboot Challenge Kit comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you're not completely satisfied with the results after 60 days, we'll provide a full refund. So what are you waiting for? Take the challenge and transform your nails today!

What do I need to do within 60 days?

1. Use the Nail Reboot Oil or Cuticle Conditioner Serum Everyday
2. Use the Nail Reboot Buffer Every 10 Days
3. Shape Your Nails Anytime You Want with the free Nail Reboot File

What kind of results can I expect from the Nail Reboot Challenge?

The Nail Reboot Challenge can help improve the strength and appearance of your nails, reduce the risk of nail infections, and promote overall nail health. Results will vary depending on your starting point and how closely you follow the program.

Can I still wear nail polish or get a manicure during the Nail Reboot Challenge?

Yes, you can still wear nail polish and get a manicure during the Nail Reboot Challenge. However, we recommend choosing non-toxic nail polish and avoiding harsh chemicals and treatments that can damage your nails.

How do I start the Nail Reboot Challenge?

Just purchase a Nail Reboot Kit and follow the program for 60 days for best results.

What happens after the Nail Reboot Challenge is over?

After the Nail Reboot Challenge is over, we encourage you to continue practicing the healthy habits you've developed during the challenge to maintain the health and appearance of your nails.