Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads
Replacement Buffer Pads

Replacement Buffer Pads

  • KEEP YOUR MINI MAN – Don’t throw away your Onsen Secret Japanese Nail Buffer. Your nails are always at risk of damage thanks to everything from water to chemicals in the air, soap, detergents, and nail polish, so when it’s time to replace your nail buffer, simply peel off the worn-out strips and replace them with these Peel-&-Stick nail buffer replacements.
  • 4 STRIPS – This set comes with one gray, one green, and two white strips. Always be ready for healthy nails, even when you’re on the go. Give your old nail buffer block a new life with these nail file replacement strips. Keep your nails clean and pristine with Onsen Secret.
  • 3 EASY STEPS – Keep the same three easy steps after you peel and stick your new replacement nail buffers. File. Smooth. Shine. It’s that simple! These three easy, fast, non-damaging steps are guaranteed to leave your nails dazzlingly beautiful once again.

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The Benefits:

  • Replace the strips on your Onsen Secret Nail Buffer, with these easy-to-use replacement strips. 
  • Step 1 - Smooth Clean (silverside)
    Smooth the natural nail surface, cleans the ridges, and removes stains from the nail.
  • Step 2 - Stimulate Growth (blue side)
    Clean and polish nail surface. Increase blood circulation to the nail bed for healthy nail growth.
  • Step 3 - Polish & Protect (white side)
    Buff the nail surface to a beautiful, glossy finish.

How to use:

  • Simply peel off the worn outstrips and replace them with these Peel & Stick replacements. One set contains 4 strips (1 gray, 1 blue, and 2 white).
    Follow the instruction on how to use the Nail Buffer. Use as necessary and on the go.


  • Paper, cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 459 reviews

I have some interesting ridges that started after I began going to manicurists. Normally, I have healthy nails. Now, I need this buffer. Removes the ridges and makes nails shine for awhile.

Best block buffer out there!

I've been using Onsen for a couple of years now, on nails that are wrapped, and the block does an amazing job as a final buff and shine. Because of these I no longer use nail polish, preferring the natural look. The blocks are very durable, unless you have a cat that thinks it's the perfect chew toy. I now have to make sure I keep it hidden.Seriously, buy the block and then get replacement pads. I'd also recommend the nail files and the cuticle lotion. The lotion is amazing in helping to keep your cuticles in shape and giving you beautiful, natural nails

The BEST at-home nail care products!

I have been using the Onsen nail buffer for years! The idea of replacements pads for the buffer is pure genius! This buffer is much gentler on my nails and buffing keeps my nails quite healthy between professional manicures--which are few and far between these days! I highly recommend this buffer. You will not be disappointed!!

Sandy Crawford
Great Product

Love these buffer pads and the way the pads make your nails shine

saxon lou
Love the replacement pads

This is a great buffer and I love that you can just replace the pads